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Webbing Tape

The phrases tape and webbing are both used in the textile business to refer to a strip of cloth. Besides, the textiles used to make our webbing tapes are diverse and include flat nylon, polyester, polypro fibres, and cotton twill, amongst others. Depending on the product, durability can range from high-strength, mil-spec, and heavy-duty products to breathable and light options. When compared to tape, webbing is often thicker and stronger, but tape is often favoured for lighter-weight applications. The offered webbing tapes are found on a large number of the products that we use on a daily basis. In addition to beautiful furniture trim, these tape are frequently used in a variety of applications including tie downs, edge reinforcement, sporting goods, purses, belts, bag straps, backpack straps, dog collars, seatbelts, lanyards, parachutes, and many more items.

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