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Material Handling Equipment
Our range of Material Handling Equipment deserves praise for its rigid structure, high efficiency level and low maintenance cost. Available in non automatic and automatic working mode based options, this equipment has long working life. Minimal noise generation is one of its key features.

Industrial Clamps
Carbon or alloy steel made Industrial Clamps are reliable options for lifting heavy load via overhead. Widely used in different industries, these are highly durable. Low maintenance cost, necessary safety features, ease of handling and low labor cost are their main characteristics.
Festoon System
Precisely developed Festoon System is useful option to carry high load by using long cables. Suitable for short distance material handling job, this system is preferred for its state of the art design, high performance, high speed functioning and low maintenance cost.
Lifting Accessories
Noteworthy for their ergonomic structure, these Lifting Accessories are reliable options to enhance lifting performance of material handling devices. Made of standard grade iron, steel and aluminum, these are highly durable. Precise diameter, high density structure, high strength and sturdy construction are their main features.
Industrial Winches
These Industrial Winches are useful to attach cables to different objects. Our winches can be easily used, replaced and maintained. These boast of excellent resistance against flexibility as well as abrasion.
Ratchet Lashing Belt
These Ratchet Lashing Belts are suited for industrial lifting processes in all over the world. The belts are robust and durable. Offered belts provide good operation in high-temperature limit conditions as well.
Forged Grip
Forged Grips are serviceable as the manually lifting equipment of high durability and extended service life. Load carrying capacity of the offered grips is so appreciable. Their applicability is apt for the places, where there is a need for precision and corrosion-resistance.
Push Button
Supplied Push Buttons are the excellent quality mechanical devices, which can change the magnitude as well as direction the force. The more of them will be used, the more mechanical advantages will be there.
Industrial Hook
Industrial Hook is the electro-mechanical as well as mechanical lifting device, which can move the objects vertically. It has the capacity to provide support to various hanging loads.
Hand Pallet Truck
Light weight Hand Pallet Trucks are wonderful options to carry heavy load under acid prone working condition. Easy to handle and store, these highly flexible trucks are abrasion proof and these can endure damaging effects of grease, dirt, UV and oil.
Eye Bolt
Our collection of Eye Bolts is used for careful handling and shifting of heavy-duty cargo without any damage. Advanced technical knowledge is used to handle and control this range of material handling product.
Polyester Strap
Ergonomic design of this material handling Polyester Strap helps to reduce transportation cost of consignments. It is demanded for retrieval units, driverless transport systems and pallet storage. This finds usages in multi-shuttle systems, lifting tables, palletizers, industrial vehicles etc.
Chain Shurtner
Chain Shurtners are made to be used in pairs. The said clamping solutions are ideal for the movement of sheets as well as plates. Their grips are made from hardened steel so as to do away with the slippage and ensure safe operation.
Polypropylene Rope
Polypropylene Ropes has superior finish, excellent strength and elevated durability. It is perfect for shipping industries; the offered sling is widely demanded for moving and lifting heavy materials.
Wire Rope Slings
These meticulously designed Wire Rope Slings are suitable for lifting heavy goods in industries like mining, metallurgy, construction and ship designing. Featured with PP or PVC coated surface, these are highly durable and have long service life. Being flexible, these are easy to handle.

Abrasive Sleeve
The grip of our Abrasive Sleeves is made from hardened steel so as to do away with the slippage and ensure safe operation. These sleeves are provided with the loop on one end and threads on the other end.
Webbing Tape
The compact size and efficient operation of our Webbing Tapes make them suited for both heavy as well as medium duty operations. The tapes ensure convenient covering of large distances, when they are used for transporting goods from one unit to another.

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